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Due to my upcoming move to Germany, “Kraut Consulting” will no longer be able to accept new clients, starting at 10/01/2017. Any projects for existing clients will be finished as promised and long term service contracts will be cancelled effective 12/31/2017. If you are one of our existing clients with uncompleted projects and/or service contracts, you should have received a corresponding letter via standard mail already.

If you are a small business or non-profit organization, needing help with assessing your operation, creating business or finance plans, applying for public funding … fear not, because you arrived at the right place!

Here at “Kraut Consulting”, we can provide you with those services for a reasonable price, as we cater our services particularly towards small business and non-profit organizations, knowing full well that funding will almost always be a concern for you.

Having worked with businesses and organizations in the USA and Germany for many years, while utilizing any applicable public funding sources, “Kraut Consulting” is uniquely positioned to understand your business or organization, allowing us to provide you with the assistance you actually need, even if its not the one you initially thought.

Click here to learn more about the type of services we can provide to you.
Click here to find links to available public resources that can provide funding and/or assistance for your business or organization.
Click here to find links to online data banks that can provide you with important information that can be relevant for your business.
Click here to read our detailed guide about how to create a business plan.

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