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Hi there!

My name is Marcel and before hiring me to help you and your business, it is only fair for you to ask: Who is “The Kraut” and why should I use his services over similar ones offered by other businesses?

So let me introduce myself and tell you a little more about me and why I think I’m uniquely suited to help you and your business succeed in this ever more global world of ours.

And hopefully, knowing me a little better will allow you to feel comfortable enough to let me assist you and your business to the best of my abilities.

“The Kraut”

Having been born in the “Old World”, more precisely Germany, where I grew up and spent the first 25 years of my life, earned me the nickname “The Kraut” with my new family here in the USA.

Why am I in the USA, you might therefore ask. Well, life sometimes takes the most unexpected turns, and one of those turns introduced me to “the girl next door”, who just happened to be from the American Midwest.

Unable to withstand her charm and beauty, I quickly fell in love with her and was lucky enough that she felt the same. But since long distance relationships rarely ever work out, especially if stretched over two continents, I eventually decided to move to the USA, where I married said women of my dreams.

And this, in a nutshell, is the story of how I came to the USA and why my new family here nicknamed me “The Kraut”.

Professional History


After finishing the German equivalent of “High-School”, I first completed a 2 1/2 year long mandatory apprenticeship in a large German bank, to be trained in all practical aspects of the banking business, while at the same time going to a specialized college to learn all theoretical aspects of the finance world (business, economy, accounting, law).

You see, in Germany, before one is even allowed to work in a bank and to call one self a “banker”, a rigorous and highly regulated training is required, including written and verbal exams and tests that one must pass in order to receive the desired certification of “Bankkaufmann” or “Certified/Qualified Bank Professional”.

Alternatively, a university degree in business administration or accounting would also enable a person to work in any bank.

Promotion/Develoment Bank of the State of Brandenburg

After I received my certification that would allow me to work in any bank, I started working in a specialized bank whose sole purpose it is to promote and develop the economy and livelihood of the citizens within the German state of “Brandenburg”.

This wasn’t your “normal” or “everyday” bank, as you couldn’t open a checking and savings account there, or do any of the usual banking activities you would otherwise associate with a bank.

Instead, the bank provides technical assistance to businesses, individuals and public entities within the state, as well as providing access to public funding from the European Union, the federal government and the state itself, to be used for a large variety of purposes.

While working at this bank, I was fortunate enough that my employer was willing to partially sponsor my continued higher education, allowing me to go back to school (while working full time) in order to obtain further higher degrees in financing and management.

Purchase Area Development District

After moving to the USA, I luckily found a job with the Purchase Area Development District (PADD), which was a somewhat similar operation like my last employer in Germany, albeit on a much smaller scale in terms of programs and service region.

Here, I worked in the “Business Lending and Development Services” department, providing technical assistance to local small businesses, as well as financial assistance via in-house and external loan and grant programs.

Due to funding issues with the department itself, which also relied on public grants to stay operational, the PADD is currently not providing those services anymore, which prompted me to provide some of those services myself (on a fee basis). That’s how “Kraut Consulting” found its start at the end of 2013.

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