Suggested Business Plan Outline

The following is just a general idea about how to outline your business plan.

Every business is different and depending upon your business, some of the listed sections or information might not even apply, or you might require additional sections or information that are truly unique to your business.

Also, based on your business type, setup and organization, some sections and information will be longer and more detailed than others. Just remember to include all the information you think are required to best represent your business, while at the same time not to withhold any information that might highlight risks associated with your business.

Cover Sheet

  • Business name and address
  • Names of principals, and
  • Business contact information.

1. The Business, Goals and Visions

  • Description and brief history
  • Name of owners / principals
  • Type of organization, date organized and principals
  • Location

2. Business Idea, Products and/or Services

  • Type of business
  • Product and/or Services and their volumes (by sections)
  • Number of Employees
  • Prospects and expectations
  • Description of plant and equipment, and whether facility is owned or leased
  • Adequacy or plans for expansion

3. Market, Industry and Competition

  • Market situation and industry
  • Competition
  • Territories covered
  • Target Customer Group
  • Sales policies and distribution methods

4. Marketing

  • Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Promotion / Communication and Place / Distribution)
  • Market Entry Strategy

5. Team, Management and Organization

  • Management, including a brief background on each principal (If management differs from owners, include background of both managers and owners.)
  • Organization of Business

6. Financial Data / Financial Planning & Personal Information

  • Summary of historical financial reports for existing business
  • Summary for your three year projections (future)
  • Summary of personal financial information / Income
  • Explanation of your assumptions
  • Credit Terms / Loan requested
  • Collateral available
  • References

7. Supporting Information and Documents

  • Historical (3 Year) business and personal Tax Returns
  • Current balance sheet / List of Accounts receivable and payable
  • Balance sheet and income statements for last three years
  • Pro-forma cash flow for three years
  • Break-even analysis
  • Schedule of existing debts
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