Time to say goodbye …

It is with a very bitter-sweet feeling that I have to announce that “Kraut Consulting” will cease its operation by the end of 2017. The reason for that is very simple: “The Kraut” is moving back [...]

New Budget Eviscerating Rural Clean Energy Programs

On May 23, 2017, the White House released their recommended fiscal year 2018 budget, reflecting their priorities and policies for the nation. And the message clearly states they do not support [...]

PADD (Temporarily) Halting BLDS Department

In its board meeting on 05/15/2017, the "Purchase Area Development District" (PADD) informed the public that it is currently not able to fully continue the mission of its "Business Lending & [...]

Welcome to Kraut Consulting!

Welcome to your new small business resource for the Western Kentucky, Southern Illinois, Eastern Missouri and Northern Tennessee regions. "Kraut Consulting" is a small business itself, focusing [...]