PADD (Temporarily) Halting BLDS Department

 In General

In its board meeting on 05/15/2017, the “Purchase Area Development District” (PADD) updated¬†the public on the status of its business lending and development programs since Ms. Elliott, the last program director, left the PADD in September 2016.

Her position has not be filled because of the budget cut in the Joint Funding Administration; furthermore, the position of the “Business Development Specialist” has remained unfilled since November 2013, also due to budget impasses.

Currently the primary contacts for the loan programs are Mr. Brad Davis (Associate Director for the “Community & Economic Development Division” and Mr. Jeremy Buchanan (PAS Specialist in the “Community Development Department”).

Ms. Sheila Rogers, the administrative assistant and sole remaining staff in the “Business Lending & Development Services” department, is carrying a larger load on the programs as well.

The PADD staff is working closely Mr. Chris Wooldridge at the Murray State University Small Business Development Center, who has agreed to assist clients with business plans development. Banks within the PADD’s service region also offered to assist with financial analysis on loan applications.

With the Purchase Area Development now basically shutting down its business related services, at least for the foreseeable future, “Kraut Consulting” will be available to provide some of the counseling services the PADD used to provide, albeit for a nominal fee.

In terms of full transparency, it shall be stated that I used to be an employee of the PADD, working in the aforementioned “Business Lending & Development Services” department, until my position was terminated at the end of 2013, when the first budget restrictions started to set in, which eventually culminated in the now defunct department.

Not coincidentally, this prompted me to form “Kraut Consulting” immediately following my departure from the PADD.

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