Finance Plan Writing Services

Unlike a business plan, which is usually more generic and takes a global (long-term) overview of the business, a finance plan is much more detailed and deals with the completion of one (or very few) specific project(s).

In short, every business plan also includes a finance plan, but a finance plan does not include many of the other sections that are part of a business plan.

Instead, it is a formal, approved document used to guide both project execution and project control as it relates to obtaining project financing in the first place, and to manage project returns in terms of cash flow and, if applicable, debt repayment.

A finance plan deals with one (or a few interconnected) project(s) and is usually reserved for existing business. As a new business, you will require a much more complex business plan.

While it is important to provide some in-depth background about the project itself that you are financing, you don’t want to “bore” or “overwhelm” your potential lender with too much technical information, which is where “Kraut Consulting” will really help you to “weed out” the parts of your finance plan that are unnecessary for external consumption.

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