Location Analysis Services

No business exists by itself. Even if you operate as a sole proprietor, you still need customers to purchase your services or products. At some point, you might need to hire employees or staff.

That’s why it is very important for every business owner to know more about the region the business is located in, as it will help you determine if the population in the area can actually provide you with the customer base and employee pool your particular business needs to succeed.

And while your customer can be located far away from the physical location of your business, particularly if your business is online based or you can ship your products to your customers, filling your pool of employees is in most cases done locally.

The following list represents only some of the many regional indicators that can directly or indirectly impact the success of your business:

  • Education levels
  • School systems + higher education institutions
  • Workforce development
  • Average household incomes
  • Commuter pattern
  • Population developments
  • Unemployment rates
  • Housing and living costs
  • Healthcare providers
  • Interstate / waterway / railroad connections (logistics)
  • Local and state taxes + fees
  • Climate / weather

One of the many services offered by “Kraut Consulting” is to create a detailed location analysis for your business, taking the specific requirements of your business into account.

Such an analysis in turn can then help you to make decision for your business with the relevant data to back it up. The data compiled in that analysis is also very valuable when creating your business plan.

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